Personal Courses

Personalized Concealed Carry

Our unique curriculum is done in the privacy of your own home and tailored to your experience level. We want our students to feel comfortable and retain an optimal amount of information so they can apply when the time is needed. A few topics that we cover:

  • • Mindset and Awareness
    • Stand Your Ground
    • Cover & Concealment
    • When to Withdraw & Communication With Bystander
  • • Situation Assessment
    • Threat Acquisition
    • Communication With Victims & First Responders
    • Post Incident


  • $119 , Up to 6 Hours of Training

Home Tactical Clearing

The home tactical course was designed to keep you safe through preparation and execution. It is imperative that you know what to do when a home invasion occurs. We help to design a plan and teach you how to execute it. A few topics we cover:

  • • Castle Doctrine
    • Gun Retention
    • Plan Development
    • Situation Assessment

  • • Gun Positioning
    • Tactical Movements
    • Post Incident
    • Threat Acquisition


  • $199 , Up to 6 Hours of Training

Concealed Carry & Home Tactical Clearing

Combines both training courses for comprehensive training at a discounted price.


  • $269, Up to 8 Hours of Training
  • Each Additional Person Added for Conceal Carry is $69 After Two People
  • One Year- 4 Quarterly Refresher & Proficiency Trainings- $99 w/ Course or $129 Purchased Separately

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*All Tactical Trainings Include Complimentary Video From Go-Pro and Camera to Provide an Aid in Repetition and Quarterly Assessment Trainings